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Business Bootcamp South
to Feb 13

Business Bootcamp South

The most incredible week of entrepreneurship training ever.

Coming winter 2017... A week of entrepreneurship training in a spectacular beach location. 

Stay tuned.

Mike Brcic has made an enormous impact on my entrepreneurial journey, and my life. I met Mike last year when I enrolled in his Social Enterprise Bootcamp at CSI. The course content was hugely beneficial, but it was the instructor that made all of the difference.

Mike is an outstanding leader and mentor who truly cares about his students and mentees. He provided me with honest, genuine feedback that wasn’t always easy to hear, but that helped me focus on what mattered most, and grow my business in leaps and bounds. Mike has gone out of his way to personally introduce me and my work to his friends and business connections.

It’s rare to find a successful entrepreneur at his level, who is willing to give so much time and energy and thoughtfulness to others. He’s demonstrated this through his mentorships, his courses, and in his entire business model at Sacred Rides and Bikes Without Borders. Mike is a true gem who proves that it’s possible to be wildly successful in so many areas of life (family, financially, socially, etc), whilst giving back in so many ways.

My sincerest gratitude to you Mike - looking forward to seeing you soon in your next round of the Social Enterprise Bootcamp (Growth) course! (can’t recommend it enough!)
— Alexis Dean, Dovetail
I took Social Entrepreneur Bootcamp last year, which was my first ever gateway to anything entrepreneurial in my entire life. Growing up in India, I was always told to aim for the best grades in school and get a stable well-paid job. And I followed just that until I realized and got frustrated with not finding satisfaction at work even after so many years. I wasn’t able to make a difference in the community and the career path I chose, which all led me to consider starting a business.

And fortunately, I ran into CSI’s website and their newsletter introduced me to Mike’s course. I didn’t even have one entrepreneur friend back then :) so I was completely clueless. Not only was the course content amazing and thoroughly practical, but I found a great mentor and role model in Mike. His approach, patience, practical advice and honest feedback inspired me and made me stop questioning myself if I could do it and gave me the courage, skills and above all confidence.

On the first day, he reminded us “Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear” and truly made me believe in it.
— Sujala Balaji, Kosha Foods
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